Now I Know

“The young boy loved his parents and did not know what he would do if they were no longer here. He felt his life was always this way and always would be. There was a comfort of knowing that everything was okay and nothing could harm him.”

Childhood was a time of comfort, knowing my parents “had my back.” Through “thick and thin,” they were there for me. I never thought that would change.

But, change it did. One day I looked in the mirror and found my parents looking back at me. Now, walking in their shoes, I see clearly all those parent-elderly things that youth didn’t understand. Now, I know what it’s like to be them.

On The Wings of a Prayer


Reaching in the darkness,

Searching for the dawn.

Hoping in the shadows,

For strength to carry on.


Whispers ask for mercy,

As incense in the air.

Rising to the heavens,

On the wings of a prayer.


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What Will They See?

You may be the only Bible people will ever read, the only glimpse of Jesus they will ever see. Some may hear your words, but all will “listen” to your actions. Will they see “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” (Colossians 1:27)

There Are Moments

When I worked in the health care field as a CNA, then LPN, then RN, one of the important initial assessments was the orientation of the patient. Did they know their name, where they were, what was going on, the day of the week, etc. This assessment was especially critical for the elderly.

Now that I am considered “elderly”, I find myself conscious of my orientation. Being retired doesn’t help with this process. When I worked on the floor or in the field, I was always aware of the time, the date and the day for charting and schedule purposes. When I retired, being aware of the time, the date and the day was no longer that critical, since there no longer was a schedule. I can assure you I have not lost my orientation yet…but there are moments. :)