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“The problem is, it’s all Good Friday and no Easter Sunday.”

This was a critique I recently heard someone offer on Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, and I readily agreed with it. But I was struck by how applicable the observation was to Easter sermons in general. Pastors go into incredible detail describing the 39 lashes Jesus took on his back, his painful walk to Golgotha, the crown of thorns on his head, the nails in his hands and feet, the hours of breathless agony spent hanging on a roughly hewn cross–and, finally, the spear in his side.  The Resurrection ends up almost as a footnote to all the blood and gore.

Nevermind that the Resurrection is what gives power and meaning to Christ’s crucifixion. Without it, Jesus is just another martyr and those 39 stripes heal no one.

However, what I love most about the Crucifixion story…

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The Hill

There is a lot of excitement in the streets today. Everyone is here. Not sure what is going on. There is a lot of hollering though, like everyone is mad at someone. I’ve heard it before, but never like it is today. I am just a boy, but something seems wrong today about all of this.

Shakened by the sounds and the angry cries, I found shelter within these walls. Alone and afraid, I sit in the darkness, listening to the footsteps coming down the street. Shivering in the cold and damp, my heart jumping in my chest, I peek through a small opening in the wall and I listen.

I see a man bloody and worn dragging a crude wooden cross toward the hill. The screams are so loud, I can hardly understand most of them. From my hiding place, I wonder what this man did to deserve this punishment. Soon, the crowd will pass, and then it will be safe to go out to the empty street. Maybe, I can find out what is going on.

The sounds and the shouting voices are in the distance now…coming from the hill outside of town. It’s a scary hill with an even scarier name. It’s a place I never go. As I slip along the wall into the street, no one is there but an old beggar whose name is Daniel. I kind of know him and he knows me. I’ll ask him what is going on.

Daniel, it’s Joey. I’m scared. Do you know what’s going on? Who is that man and why is everyone so angry? What did he do?

Joey, it’s okay. There’s nothing to be scared about. The man is called Jesus. He says he’s the son of God. That’s why everyone is so angry. Joey, this man Jesus has done nothing wrong. The anger of the crowd is actually fear.

Daniel, is this Jesus the son of God like he says he is?

Joey, in this old man’s heart, I believe he is exactly who he says he is. The one the prophets spoke of is here today, Joey. And he’s here to do what he must for you and me and the whole world. You see, Joey…God’s anger towards man has to be appeased by the perfect sacrifice.

Then, once and for all sin and death would be conquered and the curse of Eden would be broken. The gates of heaven will swing open to “whosoever will.” For such a purpose, this one man has lived a perfect life for 33 years. So, you see, Joey, the one on the hill is the one. He is the perfect sacrifice. He is the son of God and savior to all. Joey, this man called Jesus is our friend.

I left Daniel sitting along the street where he usually does. I wasn’t afraid of the shouting anymore. I kinda felt sorry for the people for they are afraid because they don’t understand. I don’t understand a lot, but I don’t think this Jesus is someone to be afraid of. I hid from him, but no more. I’m going to the hill to let him know I am his friend. I think he needs that right now.

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Morning Light

The smell of vanilla coffee fills the air as the morning light begins to push the darkness back. Nights have never been my friend and last night was no different. Dreams that produce a night of tossing and turning are a constant companion lately.

The morning light is a welcome friend. The gift of another day is before me. My thought is to not waste the time given to me; to make this a good day and to live in line with the Good Book. I will do the best I can with His word to guide me.

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By Grace and Not Works

For by grace you are saved through faith: and that not of yourselves, for it is the gift of God. Not of works, that no man may glory.

(Ephesians 2:8-9 from Douay-Rheims)


By grace…not works. By grace…not works. Read it over and over. Say it again and again. Then believe it without understanding…simply because He says it…this is faith.

Understand…accept the fact that there is nothing we can do to enter heaven…nothing short of one thing…to believe…to accept the gift of heaven that He offers us…the grace He extends to us. His grace is free, unearned and undeserved…accepted by faith.

Set you clock…mark your calendar…the place is Golgotha…the time is 12p.m. Be there and watch His only begotton Son pay the price for your sins. There, at the cross, you will find God’s grace as He offers to you the way to heaven…Jesus.

Accept this gift given freely to you. Accept this gift of forgiveness, then understand with the heart that it is by grace you are saved through faith’ and that not of yourselves, for it is the gift of God, Not of works, that no man may glory.


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