Too Great a Price to Pay

Recently, I posted some thoughts (It’s a Small World) on meeting people you would probably never meet, thanks to the internet. I mentioned that we now have the ability to contact someone, almost instantly, by email.

A reader brought to my attention another thought regarding this technology we have available today; one that I totally agree with.

The following were her comments:

“We no longer take the time to handwrite letters; why? Because it takes “SO LONG” for them to be delivered that the information contained within may no longer be of importance. I remember being so excited to receive hand-written letters in the mail when in college and younger. While I am extremely thankful for all that technology allows us to do and the numerous ways it allows us to communicate, wouldn’t it be wonderful to get something in the mail other than bills that need paid? I’d probably do a happy dance if I got a letter in the mail from a friend! I kid you not!”

Megan sums it up very well. I am glad to hear that someone else shares my emotions regarding the price we pay for technology. There is always a price for this thing we call “progress.”

In this case, the “human touch” is in danger. Instant “anything”, like email or fast foods, only causes us to trade something for it. Our pace continues to increase and we lose the ability to “stop and smell the roses.” The wonderful “personal letter” in the mail and the anticipation of its arrival is becoming a thing of the past as a result of technology. In my humble opinion, and I think Megan would agree, this is too great a price to pay. Something to think about.

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7 thoughts on “Too Great a Price to Pay

  1. Birthdays are the times I send cards but alas I very seldom write in those cards. In days of yore, I would run to the mailbox always anticipating that there might be a letter or perhaps my long awaited box top prize. Nothing to run to the mailbox for these days. I agree with all the above; perhaps we need to take pen to paper and write a letter and for those who have…good for you. The recipients will treasure them, I hope.


  2. My almost 6 year old grand-niece and I write letters to each other. She loves getting a letter in the mail. I think it’s a something I should carry over to the rest of my family and friends. I should send them something more than just holiday and birthday cards in the mail.


  3. chosenwoman

    I agree with Megan technology is growing so fast. It seems we do everything online from email to paying bills to banking. With so much that one can do on line something is missing and that is the quality time we spend with family and friends. We now chat with family and friends online instead of picking up the phone and calling them. To me it’s just another way that the enemy would like us to be distance with out the quality time.


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  5. Patti

    I am trying to remember the importance of this – to re-develop the habit of writing letters to family members and friends. I always think, ‘oh, I can just email them all my news’ – but I don’t. And I know they like the letters. My recently-married niece initiated some letter writing with my 6th-grade daughter and it’s very exciting for both of them.
    For writers, it’s important to remember that letters are good practice as well.


  6. Thanks for including my thoughts here; very much appreciated! I’m thinking I need to take the bull by the horn and act on my thoughts; I may just break out a pen and stationary to jot down some thoughts and throw it in the mail! I think itt’s something we should all try and do. 🙂


  7. Ending 2009 I decided to write notes to those who made a great impact in my year. I used my art and created cards. In 2010 I decided to start sending them out monthly and continue. I even posted some dowloadable cards for others I challenged to do the same. We all need encouragement and to know we add value to someone’s life. if you want some free cards


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