Blogging is an Awesome Possibility and Responsibility

As an aspiring writer, I started blogging to network and promote my poetry and short stories. This networking has introduced me to many wonderfully talented bloggers. At this point, I am not sure if I am an aspiring writer or blogger.

Blogging is very much like writing a column for a newspaper. You pick up readers who like what you blog and these readers will begin to look forward to your blog each day. When you blog, wherever you are, you reach around the globe.

Some bloggers have quite a following, others, by comparison have only a few readers. Effect rather than numbers should measure your success as a blogger.  If only one reader is following your blog and looks forward to it every day, then you are a successful blogger.

If you are blogging and not certain if anyone is reading what you write, take assurance that they are. Some readers are quiet and leave no footprints.  If you wake one morning and do not feel like blogging, remember, someone is looking forward to reading your column for that day.

Blogging is an awesome possibility and responsibility.  


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13 thoughts on “Blogging is an Awesome Possibility and Responsibility

  1. OH, thanks much for the encouragement. God bless. Carley


  2. Thank you Leroy for commenting on my poem-Storms
    and I like what you said about promoting your poetry and short stories.


  3. Inspiring and encouraging words. Thanks…


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  5. I am quite new to the world of blogging but I have been amazed and truely astounded by the range of subjects and experiences the blogesphere can bring into your home


  6. Thank you so much!


  7. Very encouraging, thank you. I tend to let the amount of comments I get influence how I feel about blogging, but then I remember how many blogs I read that I enjoy (yours!), but don’t always comment on. Thinking that it makes a difference to even just one reader is a good way to look at it. Thanks!


  8. Thinking that someone may be looking forward to reading my blog is what keeps me posting every day, even those days I don’t want to. This is a great post for all bloggers.


  9. Thank you for encouraging those of us who do not seem to get many comments, but know they do have a steady flow of readers.

    God Bless


  10. It is nice to know others read and are impacted.

    Maybe the fact that you are inspiring is worth more than the aspiring part.
    Bless you!


  11. Love this. Beautiful perspective on writing, blogging and opening our hearts and truth to others. I’m thankful to have connected with you and enjoy reading your posts each day. xo


  12. I think so too. Thanks for the perspective.

    I’m both I guess – a blogger and an aspiring writer. Although I’d love to find a new word for blogging. It just always reminds me of bogs.


  13. Very good points. Thank you.


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