Can The Writer See Me?

I create a character, and the character is me;

I write fiction and it’s as real as can be;

I can’t see the writer,

Can the writer see me?

Writers create from different perspectives, yet the thoughts and penned words reflect, to some degree, the writer’s hopes and dreams and experiences. In personal application, I find traces of myself in my writings and poems.

I will write a fictional short story to emphasize a point in life and find that there is a part of my experience woven within. I can create a character and find parts of who I am in the personality and experience of the character. Yet, the story is a creation of fiction.

My poems are rhythmic verse expressions of faith, hope, love and the human experience. Some of the poems are uplifting and positive, while others seem dark and dreary. In creating poems, I find myself very positive and happy, yet the words that come forth mirror the opposite; dark and seemingly, dreary.

Whether it is a short story or a poem, my source of creative leading is my faith in God. I believe He has inspired me to want to write and I do my prayerful best to follow His Lead. There are times when I have no idea why I am crafting what my fingers are typing. In those moments, I have learned that there is someone who needs to read it. Who, I don’t know, but God does.

I enjoy writing, yet find it a “hoot” when someone likes what I have written. I appreciate those who read my writings and poems. For even one reader that looks forward to reading what I write, I will continue. Where this God-given desire to write will lead, I don’t know. One thing is certain, I am enjoying the journey.

I can’t see the writer,

Can the writer see me?

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9 thoughts on “Can The Writer See Me?

  1. Wow, I thought you were talking about me there for a minute. I couldn’t have stated my own feelings any better! I know exactly what you mean and I also am enjoying the journey. God bless, Teresa


  2. I am enjoying your journey, as you share it with your readers. Thank you for taking us on the trip with you.


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  4. Very beautiful, poignant. So true.


  5. Jackie Paulson Author

    I think when you write that a part of you is in the writing. If you are the author of your life and you create a book then yes you write very well. Thanks for sharing your poem.


  6. Angela Soelzer Ragosa

    I enjoyed this poem and post very much! Thanks for sharing it.


  7. I can see you each and every day through your writings and love for God.


  8. Another “hoot” for you! Enjoy your slant on things and your rhythmic prose. Keep them cards and letters coming…


  9. You write so well and I enjoy your posts, narratives and poems.


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