You Can Make a Difference

You can make a difference today.

 “Smile”…somebody needs to see it.

 Say “Hello”…somebody needs to hear it.

Be “caring”…someone needs to know it.

You could make all the difference today…for someone.


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17 thoughts on “You Can Make a Difference

  1. Agreee 🙂

    Press this!!


  2. If only many people will exert these kind efforts to make a difference to someone each day, the world we evolve in will certainly become much happier.


  3. Beautiful message in your poem. Blessings to you, LeRoy…


  4. A Smile is all some people need…. Thank you for dropping by my site.. 😀 Dreamwalker


  5. Thanks again for your beautiful words.


  6. Very true and nicely penned 🙂


  7. It seems so insignificant but it can really means a lot…


  8. This is so true, someone always needs what we have to offer.


  9. We never know what one simple smile can mean to a person we pass by on the street! Thank u for this reminder 🙂


  10. You made your difference today. Love this… may I link to it in a post?


  11. This is so true. There have been so many times that I was having a life sucks day when a smile or a hug or a kind word turned my entire day around. It is a blessing to me when I can pay it forward.


  12. You can…. make a difference. If everyone tried.. look where the world would be today!
    Thanks!!! Jan


  13. Patti

    So true – we don’t always know how are words touch and stay with those around us – for good or ill.


  14. Your posts are so appreciated. Would it be ok with you if I copy some of the ones that are not copyrighted to use on my site. Since I have found your site, I have been so blessed, and I want to share with others. Blessings to you.


  15. I love this ^_^. And it’s so true! Little compliments, smiles and touches can totally make someone else’s day!


  16. I totally agree!
    One never knows how far the ripple effect will extend. One of my favorite “random acts of kindness” in NYC is to give a really mean and surly taxi driver a huge tip. (let me clarify that “huge” to me is about $15) but I always hope it will cheer up his day….


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