Words In The Wind

Words spoken are like feathers scattered by the wind…

impossible to retrieve.

Choose wisely,

Your words.


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17 thoughts on “Words In The Wind

  1. Excellent advice!


  2. Short and sweet, but filled with so much wisdom. Nice…


  3. Dear Mr, Wordsmith,
    I have gone through you blogs and I have enjoyed the wisdom. Keep writing! God has put that weapon in your hand and is fully loaded. Bring healing balm to those who hurt. Just like Jesus.


  4. Beautiful and wisely spoken.


  5. pattisj

    Wisely worded!


  6. katia68

    Yes! That’s why is so important to think carefully before we speak..
    Thanks for liking my post. I sure enjoy reading your blog.


  7. Paul Leroux

    There’s a Latin proverb along the same lines: “Verba volant, scripta manent” … Spoken words fly away, written words remain.


  8. You know, I agree with your wisdom and might add, “Think about those words carefully especially when you use the name of Christ in your tags or categories. I have seen some discouraging words in the category of ‘Christian’. It hurts all of us. I’ve never seen that here, which is why I come back regularly. You do encourage, LeRoy. Thank you.


  9. thanks for checking out my blog. I’ve truly enjoyed digging through yours! May the Lord fill that part of your heart that once belonged to your son.


  10. Well spoken 😀


  11. This is very true. My mouth has definitely got me into a heap of trouble during my life.


  12. This is very true! Words can leave deeper wounds that take longer to heal then even weapons can. A weapon can only pierce your body; words can would your soul.



  13. Richard Rice

    Let the words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart, be acceptable in Thy sight O Lord.


  14. This is lovely. Thank you. twinkly


  15. Very Cool – So Hard


  16. Linda Robertson Bourgeois

    words of wisdom


  17. Brenda Marroy

    Once they leave your mouth, there’s no getting them back. Wise words LeRoy.


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