Whispers On The Breeze

Misty morning’s soft caress,

Sunlight through the trees.

Songbird singing in the air,

Whispers on the breeze.


Each new morning is a new opportunity

to improve upon yesterday,

while hoping for tomorrow.  


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7 thoughts on “Whispers On The Breeze

  1. Yes, each day is fresh with no mistakes in it (Anne of Green Gables, paraphrased!) Lovely photo, and a good reminder that we don’t have to drag the mistakes of the past into tomorrow!



  2. pattisj

    Beautiful image, seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. Nice sentiment, too.


  3. Love this. Thank you…xoxo


  4. I love new opportunity to change with hope
    Beautiful picture and thoughts
    Prayers for your day


  5. Love the poem. Early mornings breeze and the freshness of of a new day ! 🙂


  6. Beautiful photo and a lovely verse to accompany it. Thanks for the inspiration, LeRoy. 🙂


  7. I had a horrible yesterday and God blessed me with today.


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