Words Spoken In Anger

Like feathers on a windy day…

words spoken in anger can never be retrieved.


They can be forgiven…but the damage is done.

Wherever you look…you will see the feathers.


It would be best not to scatter feathers…

It would be best not to speak in anger.


The consequences can last a lifetime.


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11 thoughts on “Words Spoken In Anger

  1. Word wounds are the hardest to heal, always. How right you are to remind us to stop and think before we speak in anger.


  2. Those feathers can float for miles and you never know who they will touch……sigh I am ashamed of how many fetahers I have sent out!


  3. munteng

    love the analogy of feathers to anger..you’ll see them everywhere once it’s scattered. ):


  4. Beautifully said.


  5. A good reminder to put a check on our mouths before speaking those words.
    Thanks for visiting me. Glad to know you.


  6. Very wise words, once spoken, they can’t be taken back.


  7. So true…I remember words spoken by my mother which hurt to the core…and I know she was just angry.


  8. beautiful


  9. Lovely and well crafted!


  10. So true, LeRoy. Days later, I’m still aching over something my father said to me in his anger, He didn’t mean to hurt me, just as I didn’t mean to hurt him with the comment that triggered his reaction. But we did, and since my family doesn’t apologize for or talk about things, I can only let it go and trust God to heal my hurt.


  11. I’m reading this just after reading ‘How Do You Listen?’ and they seem to be working in beautiful harmony with one another. Listening from the heart and speaking from the heart. Anger is so often a cover for pain. When we let the pain breathe, we hurt and our heart is tender. Yet, sharing from that space so often brings healing.

    Thank you for your posts LeRoy. They do take us into our heart space in a most unique way. xo


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