Whispers in My Soul

Listening to the silence,

Sitting here, quiet,

Heart beat, leaf falling,

Whispers in my soul.


When is the last time you took time for God?

 When is the last time you gave God a chance to get a word in.

 Days spent in busy activity and striving to accomplish; to solve; to create.

Maybe, time is taken to pray. Maybe, time is taken to read God’s word. More than likely, not. Token prayers have been developed; skim reading is now the norm. God will understand. He knows how busy we are.

God is almighty, but our days have become so busy, I wonder if He can catch up with us. He tries to reach us, but only gets an answering machine. We rush out the door and leave God behind. Has God become our house servant? We get back home at night, too tired to do much of anything.

 Isn’t it time to take back control of our lives?

 Isn’t it time to give God priority in our lives?

 Isn’t it time to listen for that “still small voice”…those whispers in our soul?

 “Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)


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16 thoughts on “Whispers in My Soul

  1. It is time to press toward the mark of the high call of God in Christ Jesus!


  2. Yes, this is true of me more often than I want to admit. I have good intentions, and I have faith. But I’m so busy! Thank you for the reminder to be still. ~ Sheila


  3. Another good one that comes right at at you w/o apology. I get so busy even with ministry work–it can take your time away from Him almost without realizing it.
    Then you feel like you are starting all over again.


  4. Amen to that my friend… I always hear more from God when I just shut up and listen. Imagine that!
    I pray for moments like the one you described, mainly for the enjoyment of relaxation, but also for the renewing of power that comes from the peace of God. It’s amazing to see how much God can do with us when we do nothing. 🙂


    Your heart is a constant reminder of the grace of God and His benevolence to those that love Him. I do not know you personally, but my spirit man feels the brotherhood that we have joined into. Thanks for your words.


  5. Beautiful written. Amen! God Bless U!:)


  6. My husband I are retired too, have a cabin and drink coffee too! Even in retirement things can get so busy. The world is just set up that way. It is nice to read your blog, it is so refreshing! Will stop by again.


  7. Goodness; are you in my head? What a wonderful and inspirational post. So glad that you found my blog, so that I have been able to find yours!



  8. I shared this on my page but I’m not sure if it turned out right but it links back to you though! Your posts are always uplifting and inspirational to me. Thank you for sharing……



  9. Morning
    I am great at “looking for God” but working on “letting God get a word in”
    I am still a work in progress
    Prayers for your day


  10. Yes, it IS time, LeRoy.


  11. isaiah43123

    Is it our busyness or our compartmentalized lives, telling God He does not belong in certain areas? Maybe, it is a little or a lot of both.


  12. Words of wisdom and truth!! Very nice indeed. Peace and blessings, Terri


  13. Very true. Perhaps the reason we have so many failed relationships is because we don’t give them the one on one attention they deserve.


  14. the perfect read with my morning coffee. Thank you, friend. MJ


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