One Person Can Make a Difference

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”


Veterans Day, November 11, is set aside in the United Sates to give tribute to all military veterans who have served. It was originally called Armistice Day and set aside by decree of President Wilson in 1919 to remember the fallen from World War One. In 1953, a shoe repairman in Iowa headed a campaign to change the name to Veterans Day and have it give tribute to all veterans who served their country.

Thank you to all Veterans for serving and for making a difference.


 Whether it be a shoe repairman in Iowa or a carpenter from Nazareth…


One person can make a difference.



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8 thoughts on “One Person Can Make a Difference

  1. God calls us each to be that person who makes a difference.


  2. Thank you to all who have served and made a difference for our country! And thank you to the greatest warrior of all, Jesus Christ!


  3. pattisj

    Yes, even us, we can make a difference.


  4. thanks for reminding us … el


  5. @Maxi, no freedom isn’t free…and perhaps we should all follow your friends custom.

    Well written post with a clear message…matters not our station in life, we can make a difference.


  6. Freedom isn’t free…
    Someone pays for you and me.

    My friend leaves this message on every e-mail.


  7. To our veterans everywhere…a most humble “thank you.” God’s best


  8. We should want to honor those who’ve given their lives to fight for our freedom with the way we live our lives.


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