Words and Actions

Actions speak louder than words, but words should define our actions. All too often, they don’t. All too often, words slide off a silver tongue and only hurt.

The water we drink doesn’t originate at the tap; it has to come from a source. Words are like water; they have to flow from somewhere. I believe they come from the heart. I, also, believe words, like a stream, can get muddied up along the way. If that happens, then the words we speak do not define our actions.

We learn to use words to manipulate a situation in order to get something. We learn to use words to pacify and patronize. We learn to use words to lie, to misrepresent or mislead. We learn to muddy the stream.

I can tell you what I believe by my words, but I’d rather show you what I believe by my actions.


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22 thoughts on “Words and Actions

  1. Thanks be to God. Yes, words are life and death. I have found more to often though if you are speaking truth people tend to look down on you and turned the other cheek. In other words they sugar coat words for popularity. We will not live on this earth and not be hurt or offended but how we go about it is whats important. Its hard to know what offends other nowadays. People need to be told the truth of Gods word. We can hurt others with words but we can also hurt others when we speak truth and light and they don’t want to change their ways to God’s way.. We are to treat our neighbors with love but be pleasing to God, and not man. I have added you to my blogroll if thats okay. I think you are direct and speak truth, Glory to God in the highest praise.


  2. “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” –St. Francis of Assisi

  3. singingsinglev4

    If you think about it, words are essentially a form of action, especially what you speak out of your mouth. They have the power to bring life or death. You can still hurt someone by what you say about them, even if you never “do” anything else against them. Many get betrayed because of offense, and words lead to action. So if your words are right words, and that starts by guarding your eyes, ears, and mouth, then naturally your actions will be right. You don’t have to intentionally “do” anything to earn points with God because He essentially feels the same way about you whether you do something right or wrong. He might not like what you did, but He feels the same way about you. There’s a point to saying I love you to someone, but then doing something that you show them you love them means something entirely different. The best principle is to be a blessing, whether by word or deed.

  4. Wow! Powerful post and full of truth.

  5. Love the way you talk about “walking our talk” as a First Nations friend puts it. Nice🙂

  6. Someone will always show you who they are; watch what they do

  7. Thanks LeRoy…living our faith and words is the best way to reinforce what we say….

  8. Nice post. Well written. I like the phrase ” words are like water, they have to flow from somewhere”. Paragraph 3 is so true. Wishing people will find time to reflect this holiday. Too sad all the shopping frenzy. Do have a Happy Thanksgiving

  9. The words of Holy Scripture ALWAYS promote the best actions. If followed prayerfully and faithfully, without giving up, these words will come out of our mouths when we most need them in ministering to others, no matter the need.

  10. Very insightful, as usual😉

  11. Tricky for bloggers though, as all we have are words. But yes, action is important. Although I worry sometimes that all people value is consistency of word and action, rather than the right words and actions. It seems we abhor hypocrisy more than we do other types of evil.

  12. Actons carry more weight than words. It’s easy to say things, but requires follow-through for action. Good post. Thank you.

  13. Very true! “Even so the tongue is a little member and boasts great things.See how great a forest a little fire kindles!” (James 3:5)

  14. Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Susan Michaels

    This reminds me that God’s definitely not finished with me yet…And also to thank God for His transforming grace that changes hearts and turns around our lives into words or prayer and praise. Thank you!

  16. AMEN!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. Words should define our actions, so true.. so deep.. so often words do not match our actions and we need to examine our thoughts and feelings.

  18. Words and actions match when there is truth.

  19. Words come easy; actions take time and thought. Nice article!

  20. Nicely said LeRoy.

    Just read James 3 which speaks to the power of the tongue and also how we use it for contradictory things:

    “So also the tongue is a small member, yet it boasts of great things.
    How great a forest is set ablaze by such a small fire!…
    With it we bless our Lord and Father, and with it we curse people who are made in the likeness of God. From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so” (James 3:5, 9, 10 ESV).

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. old saying …actions speak louder than words…

  22. Thank you LeRoy. xx🙂

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