The Frustration of Blogging…Epilogue


I appreciate all the thoughtful input on yesterday’s post. Thanks!

Solutions are needed to adapt on an individual basis for effective blogging. The following thoughts may help to be a stepping stone to an effective idea.

~Reading the comments from yesterday’s post can be a good start.

~Tough cuts may have to be made in the blogs that are followed. Only you know how many blogs you can effectively follow.

~Following daily blogs and posting daily can be demanding.

~Blogs that are posted multiple times in a day are time consuming for the writer and the reader. Choices have consequences.

~There are short, effective blogs…and there are novels. When following or writing a blog, length can make a big difference.

~If all else fails…step away. Take a break from it all. MJ has a very good post on stepping away…Fruits of Disconnection

Sounds like effective choices and time management are two key considerations. The real consideration is how serious are you about blogging. The level of “serious” will solve many issues. The greater your seriousness about blogging, the less you may be concerned about some of the above situations.


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13 thoughts on “The Frustration of Blogging…Epilogue

  1. Wonderful words of wisdom.


  2. Wow, great couple of posts. I’ve been giving this a lot of thought the last month or so. One of the things that gives me pause is that most of my readers are other bloggers. If it wasn’t for them, I’d have hardly anyone reading, leaving comments, or liking my posts. That’s part of why I try to return the courtesy and read their blogs as well.

    Very thoughtful provoking. I’m glad you did this. And I fully understand why you might be unfollowing some blogs. I don’t know if mine will be one of them, but I fully support whatever decision you make.


  3. Working outside the house certainly made a difference for me – along with unplugging in Haiti. It was like I finally gave myself permission to not have a post everyday and if I missed reading someone’s – the world did not end. The pressure we put on ourselves is not always good. Great points and thanks for MJ’s link.


  4. Thank you for sharing the link back to me and also what you’ve learned from all the comments. Indirectly, your angst yesterday inspired my post today. So .. we’re all connected.

    ICheers! MJ


  5. As a newer blogger who is also raising a young daughter by myself, I quickly realized that I can’t possibly blog every day. I blog when time allows now and if I miss a day or two, no biggie. I agree that it’s about the quality and the content versus the amounts. I don’t want to feel pressured and am learning to let the spirit of God lead me as to when I have something to say or don’t. Thanks, LeRoy!


  6. Great epilogue, full of wise counsel. 🙂


  7. Leroy, I will bow to your wisdom and courage in pointing out that multiple posts per day and lengthy(, running on and on with too many cites) posts are really not fair to their fellow bloggers who sincerely want to support and encourage them. Folks need to stop, think, self-edit mercilessly before clicking “publish”, right?


    • “stop, think, self-edit mercilessly before clicking “publish”, right?” Right.
      Less is more…accept the challenge of saying a lot with less words. Become your own editor…re-write and re-write. One quality blog is worth six “rattle ons.”


  8. Thanks for sharing MJ’s link.


  9. Susan Michaels

    Great synoposis! Thanks Leroy! People obviously blog for many different reasons and motivations. That’s great! For my own part, I like to learn from and explore other creative writers and their ideas, simply for the joy of reading, building community, and helping to promote others. I also like utilizing my blog as a ‘work space’ to keep me personally focused on the discipoline of writing as I continue to develop various creative projects. However, many bloggers also write to influence others and with that in mind, here’s an excellent article on the behavior of top social networkers with a strong ‘M.O’ for being bloggers of influence:


  10. isaiah43123

    Excellent solutions! Thank you for posting them. My mother gave me good advice when I voiced my concern about not posting more than 2-3 times per week, “Karin. it is not the quatity of the posts but the quality of the post content.” Always listen to your mother. 🙂


  11. Nice post!
    Can we use couple paragraphes for our site ?


  12. Searching for the Light

    I tend to set aside some time one day a week to read through blogs I have subscribed to, though often don’t get through all of them. I have a tendency to just click the like button rather than comment as often lack time for following comments as well as posts. I do visit other blogs, especially people who have liked or commented on a post on mine but sometimes have to make the decision not to subscribe as I don’t have time to read everything but will often revisit those blogs I liked even though I haven’t subscribed. Life is short, I just do what I can!


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