Have You Found Your Bear in a Tree

In yesterday’s posting, I shared how our grandson found his “bear in a tree.” It was literal as he carved his bear out of a tree trunk with a chain saw.

I use the term, “bear in a tree” to represent a God-given talent that each of us has. Our grandson found his talent out of curiosity and the use of a chain saw.

You may not have to use a chain saw to find our “bear in a tree,” but you might have to be more aware of an idea or a curiosity that may lead you to discover your talent. You might find it in plain sight.

I carried the notion of writing with me most of my life. Now, that notion is a reality. How much talent do I have? We’ll find out.

The thing is, if you don’t test drive an idea or curiosity, you will never know if that’s all it was; or maybe, it’s your “bear in a tree”.


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11 thoughts on “Have You Found Your Bear in a Tree

  1. I missed seeing this one – am glad that Lauren re-blogged it. What a wonderful talent your grandson has (and also what a great metaphor for one’s life!)


  2. Great post! Everybody has a potencial or even numerous potencials. Without trying hands on it or on them, they may remain unproductive. It’s good to move beyond dreams!


  3. Caddo Veil

    I Love the “Bear in the Tree” concept–thank you!!! God bless you abundantly.


  4. Reblogged this on LSCOTT POETRY and commented:
    I thought LeRoy’s message was so special and wonderful, not to mention the beautiful artwork, that I chose to share. I hope this message helps you, too, and that you enjoy~ Lauren xx


  5. What a wonderful post and message, LeRoy! What a beautiful piece of work. We love the mountains and love any woodwork with bears, so this is special to me! I’m also going to reblog it! Take care and Blessings to you!


  6. Reblogged this on Reflections of a Homeschool Graduate and commented:
    Talents aren’t always on the surface and easy to discover. Sometimes you have to pick up a chainsaw to find them, as the Wordsmith’s grandson did.


  7. pattisj

    Thanks for the encouragement to try new things. One never knows where that path will lead.


  8. I have always known I was a word person. I am convinced my elders in my childhood home taught me to write very, very early so I would not talk their ears off! I am very, very grateful for having this surety about my “gift” in my life.


  9. cookiemomma

    This is amazing! I love your analogy also. After Katrina, a guy did this with trees that were damaged along the Gulf Coast. My children love seeing them and it truly is so inspirational for one person to have so much talent.


  10. Wring it out, Butch! You may be surprised how “well” you drive! 🙂


  11. Good News Devotions

    Now thats a real nice peice of art work.. God is a good gift giver and i really enjoy’d the post.. Blessings LeRoy…. Bro Pat.


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