This Prayer of Jesus

This Prayer of Jesus

from Matthew26:39 NKJV

We pray and hope for an outcome that we have a tendency to picture in our minds. There is nothing wrong with that. Our Heavenly Father asks us to tell Him the desires of our heart, to ask and to believe that He hears us. He asks us to trust Him.

The greatest prayer we can prayer is nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will. Jesus prayed this prayer just before He went to His death on the cross. Jesus asked the Father if there was any way this cup could pass from Him, yet He went on to pray, nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will.

The words of Jesus from His heart to His Heavenly Father, not as I will, but as You will. Can we do any less than finish all of our requests with this prayer…this prayer of Jesus? Amen!


Thank you for reading these posts. Have a fine weekend.


Next post will be 3/26/ 2012

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9 thoughts on “This Prayer of Jesus

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  2. pattisj

    Good weekend to you, too!


  3. Sometimes when I pray, “thy will be done”. I wonder, and kind of worry about what it will be. WIll it be more pain, and suffering? Will it be the loss of a loved one? Just what will His will be? Then I snap back to the reality of His promise to “not give us more than we can handle”, that His will is the best thing for me, and most often His will enriches/empowers me. Yes, sometimes His will is for me to lose someone close to me, or suffer more physical pain, but he always comforts me in these times, and sees me through to brighter days. HIs promise to never leave, nor forsake me has never went unfullfilled. Even when I turn my back on Him, He is still there, always, still with me. That is His promise to me, as a child of the King. a joint heir with Jesus, indeed, He will never leave me nor forsake me, and He sends the Comforter to see me through, and give me power.

    Thanks for all that you write on here. I truly enjoy your blog entries.

    God Bless You!



  4. Yes! It is laying out our needs, wants, hopes, sharing our pain and sometimes even complaints. Then, after all that, surrendering wholeheartedly in faith and trust, knowing God’s plan is best.

    O Lord, help us to do this – to surrender, to have such deep faith that we know your will is best. Help us to know you more, to go deeper with you and to be willing to do whatever you say. In Jesus’ name and for His glory! Amen.


  5. The older I get, the more I pray this. It reminds me that He knows better than I do what I really need.


    • How very true. Just like we do with our very own children. My child may want to stay up all night eating ice cream, and drinking Mountain Dew, but as her father I know this is not good for her, so I tell her no. She gets upset, but she would be even more upset, and sick if I allowed her to do such things.

      It is kind of the same thing with our Heavenly Father, and us.




  6. Yes, God loves us as His children, and always wants to talk everything over with Him. And Hallelujah that our “Big Brother” Jesus showed us the perfect tune-up for our prayers, that of wishing God’s will be done, rather than our own. This leaves us in complete communion with Him–what a gift!


  7. Anonymous

    Thanks for the great reminder!


  8. Good News

    Amen Brother; Hope you have a nice weekend also… Bro Pat.


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