Life is Fragile…Handle with Care

We never know when life will end. We get up, go about our day as we did yesterday and plan to do tomorrow. We know that people die, yet we do not really let the thought enter our minds that someday it will be someone we love or us. The older we get the more we think about dying.

Death comes unexpected at any time. There is no age, no point in life where we are safe. The younger we are the less we think about it. Yet, we know that newborns, babies, children, teens, young adults die. Death does not wait until we are old. It can come at any time on any day.

Babies and very young children are safe in God’s care. Once we have reached the age of reason, we are responsible for our choices and actions. It is important to have our house in order, as much as that may mean at any point in life. Most of all have faith that goes beyond this earthly life. Make peace with God.

Life is fragile…handle with care.


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8 thoughts on “Life is Fragile…Handle with Care

  1. Yes, the fleshly life is VERY fragile. We handle with care when we turn it over to God.


  2. So true, LeRoy. We never know when our hour will come.


  3. I loved your message, i remember when my new born son was in the hospital fo r8 months, only to die on mother ‘s day. I remember while praying the words that came to me…its not how long you live, but how you live it and how you help perfect a loving change in those you meet. My son was born premature, and yet was doing better than 29 other babies in the neo-natal unit. Where families were falling apart, and where many took inspiration and hope from my son. When he passed away, at his funeral all those he touched showed their love to him…many hundreds! His tiny life touched many. Live life and let go of the hinderances that disable our hearts and minds before our time comes!


  4. So true. My son lost his best friend last spring and I lost a dear friend in an accident this past winter…really hits you in between the eyes of how fragile our life is and how we must make our days count! Blessings,


  5. Good News

    (BBE) When you are not certain what will take place tomorrow. What is your life? It is a mist, which is seen for a little time and then is gone. … Blessings.. Bro Pat. Good News.


  6. I love Sheila’s honesty in the comment above, about the struggle with loss and gain. I struggle with that. Perhaps my eternal focus is not what it should be and hence the dilema. And yet we are still eternal beings in a human body. Therefore, this and other dilemas between human and spiritual will always be with us until we die.
    In the meantime, knowing that death of the human body is inevitable, we continue to seek the purpose that Father has for us while here on earth, and to complete it and that is to have relationship with Him and to extend His Kingdom.


  7. Yes, you’re right, and of course we all know this, but choose to push the reality away most of the time, until we are forced to confront it again. I had an email two nights ago saying that some dear friends had lost their 20-something son that day. How quickly life can move from wonderful to tragic! The challenge is to live with awareness, but not become paralyzed by fear of possible loss. And as a Christian, I struggle with the head knowledge that “loss” is the human view, “gain” is the godly view. Don’t know how to resolve this in my heart, I can only acknowledge it with my mind. ~ Sheila


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