Isaiah 40:31

They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength;

they shall mount up with wings as eagles;

they shall run, and not be weary;

and they shall walk, and not faint.

~ ~ ~

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11 thoughts on “Isaiah 40:31

  1. This scripture selection fits so beautifully with many other encouraging posts I have read today at friends’ blogs! Wonderful leading of the Holy Spirit, is what I say! Bless you for this huge encouragement today, Butch!


  2. Spread your wings!


  3. Beautiful verse, it has been framed on the walls of my heart since college, when i broke my kneecap playing Oral Roberts and He prayed for my healing that Sunday on his show. The Doctors told me it would take up to two years to heal…and it healed a month and half later…the sweet power of prayer! That verse is one of many that daily feeds my spirit! Thanks for sharing my brother!


  4. Just seeing this again gives me strength 🙂


  5. Blessed reassurance – thank You Lord that You are ALWAYS there for us.


  6. I love this. I read it every day.


  7. Peter Wiebe

    Wonderful. I sometimes wonder if this is a description of our future resurrection bodies.


  8. Love the hymn “On Eagles Wings”.


  9. …with wings as eagles. 🙂


  10. You can never go wrong with God’s word..always beautiful, and always powerful! God bless you Butch. You and your wife have a blessed, beautiful day together as one, and in Christ Jesus!


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