To Agree To Disagree

To agree to disagree, that is the challenge. We exchange thoughts, ideas, opinions, beliefs with each other and before you know it, there is disagreement, argument, anger, then a turning away. Communication, once again, is at its worst.

Why can’t we “agree to disagree?” It takes practice, but the reward is to be able to appreciate, even enjoy, someone else’s thoughts. Think of how we could open our minds up to other possibilities, other thoughts, other ideas.

When will we realize that the world doesn’t turn on any one person’s axis. We need each other. We need community. We need unity. We need to “agree to disagree.”

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9 thoughts on “To Agree To Disagree

  1. Good post.


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  3. Caddo Veil

    Oh how I wish folks would cease and desist with demanding others accept their truth–I, for one, have nothing to prove. I can tell you my story, my experiences, my faith, what I know/believe–but if you don’t “get it” or “want it”, that’s your deal. Great post, brother Butch! God bless you–love, sis Caddo


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  5. I agree with your posting. Sometimes other people don’t want to agree to disagree though; they get mad. It’s a shame. We’re all so different that we will never agree on everything.


  6. Exactly, Butch. We need to respect each others opinions, as we are each entitled to our own.


  7. “Perfect love casts out fear.” I love your words and I think fear stops some people from agreeing to disagree. There is freedom, peace, and love when we learn to agree to disagree. As long as the essentials of doctrine are adhered to – who cares about divisive details…

    Blessings in Christ ~ Wendy


  8. Steven Sawyer

    Butch, I disagree with you . . . . .just kidding. Actually you are spot on. We had a debate elective in high school. We thought it was an integral part of our critical thinking skills. Talk about something that has disappeared from the landscape. We have lost the blessing and skill of debate in our world. We are becoming more and more polarized in every area of life. It is tragic. We need diversity of opinion to test our own faith. Great post. Sad, but true.


  9. Good post, Butch. I think a lot of people have lot sight of the idea that we can agree to disagree, and do so civilly.


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