Is There a Hell…from a Little Kids Perspective (part two)

Is there a hell and why would an “all good God” send a little kid like me there…or would He? This is what I need to know. Why should little kids go to hell…they should go to heaven. How bad can a little kid be?

Well, maybe just the Protestant kids go to heaven ‘cause they get to sing, “Jesus loves me, this I know”. Wow! They don’t have to be afraid singing a neat song like that. It’s all about an “all good God.” And He loves us kids a lot. I hope even the little Catholic kids like me. I hope…I hope.

“For the Bible tells me so” Bible? Oh yeah! Mom’s got one laying on the couch table at home…don’t think we read it…but we dust it once in a while. That’s a good thing to do. I did pick it up once and you should of seen all the big words…one right after another. There was a big bunch of them…and they were little.

Those little Protestant kids must be super smart to read those words. Nobody even cares if I read the Bible. Why is that? I need to know stuff, too…especially stuff that will keep me out of hell. Hmmm!  Maybe mom would let me be a Protestant. Somehow, I don’t think that moms going to like that idea.

Well, one thing makes sense…kind of. There must be a hell or it wouldn’t be in a prayer. What I need to do is find out what that Bible says about it…and what this little kid needs to do to stay out of there. I want to tell this “all good God” my name and that I want Him to love me and that I promise to be good so I can get to heaven…

 Monday: How does a little kid like me get to heaven?

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7 thoughts on “Is There a Hell…from a Little Kids Perspective (part two)

  1. This is a wonderful post and a reality in many Christian homes. We have no idea what the Bible has to say, as As it is written, we are to be ready to give an answer for the Salvation we have received in Jesus Christ. However, to give that answer we need to know the message of the Bible. to learn more on the subject.


  2. Thanks for sharing your childhood musings with us, Butch. I remember having similar questions when I was a kid. I also grew up Catholic (in the 70’s, so it wasn’t the same as your youth, church-wise), and I recall wondering a lot about the differences between my family’s practices and my Protestant relatives’ beliefs. I also remember trying to read an aunt’s KJV Bible when I was about 9 and not knowing what to make of all that 17th century English.

    I can’t wait to see where you go next with this.


  3. Thanks for stepping back in time to write this for us.


  4. It’ll be interesting to see where you go with this.


  5. We all need to understand that it is by faith we are saved no matter what denomination or religion we are.


  6. Steven Sawyer

    I enjoyed reading between the lines on this one, Butch. Some profound ideas here about heaven and hell and denominations. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Children need to know that it isn’t reading the bible that matters … it’s living it.
    Blessings ~ Maxi


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