bonniegirlThere is only one you.

There has never been another you nor will there ever be.

That fact makes you unique, with great worth and value.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what others think…

they didn’t create you.

God did!

and that makes you priceless!

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9 thoughts on “Priceless!

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  2. Thank you for these words of wisdom, Butch. You have given me a new vision.
    blessings ~ maxi


  3. Holly Vaughan

    I am so glad I found this blog! Simple and inspiring!


  4. Agree, there have been instances when I overheard someone thank God that HE only made one copy and destroyed the mould.


  5. Amen! O, thank you, Father, for your love! Let every child of yours know this today…Let your Word run swiftly, bringing this message!!


  6. Susan Michaels

    A wonderful word, and luv that photo! 🙂


  7. Butch, I tried to “Like” this but the “Like” button is grayed out and it says the like is “Loading”. I have found this same quirk on other blogs I’ve tried to like the past few days and the message is the same. Must be a WordPress problem. Oh, well, I liked it.


  8. I am priceless! because God put His own Son on the cross for me.


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