What If



Is it Washington that’s letting this country down or is it Christians (Believers) because they are acting as the world rather than as Christ?

What if Believers were to pray for Washington rather than criticize it?

What if Believers were to help those in need and not rely on Washington to do it?

What if Believers read the Word of God as it is written, not as they want it to read?

The true Church is the Believers…the body of Christ. It’s not a building.

What if Believers in every meeting house across this country began to call each other, “Brother and Sister in Christ?”

What if Believers began to function on the spiritual level of community the scriptures present and expect?

What if Christians began a true spiritual revival in this country and the world like nothing you could possibly imagine?

What If ?   A question whose answer will echo through eternity.


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14 thoughts on “What If

  1. Yes! As for me and my house…the Lord will be served. The gov’t rest on His shoulders, I will trust and make my appeal to Him. Giving thanks for what He has established and praying only for His will to be done.

    Interesting to note:
    GOD hardened Pharaoh’s heart…this was His will.
    GOD hardened the hearts of those in the lands that Joshua led Israel into…this was His will.
    GOD was the One who made the way clear for Yeshua (Jesus) to be flailed, nailed, and hung on the cross…this was His will.
    His chaos and His calm are all rooted in proving He IS and full of love for the creation He created both people and the earth, universe.

    Were all these things “bad things happening to good people”…depends on how one looks at it.


  2. Yes! Salt and light! Prayer and action! Having said that, I’ll confess that I generally confine my civic acts to voting and being a good citizen myself (read that quiet and law abiding)…I don’t generally speak out, other than in “safe” settings, where I know others already agree (more or less) with me. This challenges me to come out of my safe little world and be more vocal…in a loving way, of course…I believe we can’t be viewed as ambassadors of Christ if we speak without love. Still, being an ambassador requires visibility and a voice. ~ Sheila


  3. We can’t say we rely on God when our hands are begging for more from Uncle Sam. If we are to truly be a Christian community as you’ve “what if’d”, we need to expect more from God and less from a civil government. Until we’re willing to make that shift in responsibility and our expectations, these “what ifs” will remain “what ifs.”


  4. Pray daily for the salvations of our politicians, and military and civic leaders. And all of the spiritual leaders in our nation, that they be saved and brought to the Way, the Truth and the Life and that they will not stray from it to the left or to the right.


  5. pattisj

    Our warfare needs to take place on our knees.


  6. Many places share these great words but He needs all of us to act….


  7. AMEN
    Thank you for speaking out the truth
    God Bless


  8. Steven Sawyer

    Thanks for prompting me to ponder your list of what if’s. I believe, as you probably do, that the church is creeping closer to the world rather than the world moving closer to the church. What if we prayed for the church to become again like the church of the believers in Acts? That’s what I’d like to see. Thanks for this post, Butch. We need to keep asking “What if?” And then do it.


  9. Get out of the buildings called “churches”…..the politicians are all members…it is time to throw the “money changers” out and to speak up if this chain of corruption is ever to be broken.


  10. YES!!! Lord, make it so. Make us YOUR body, Jesus! Fill us with your Spirit and move us in your will for your purpose and glory!!


  11. I truly love this blog. Its message has been on my from to time in the past. “Why we as believers criticize other’s while never praying for, helping, lending a hand, etc, etc?” And yes, rarely do you hear believers call each other brother or sister, and then it’s the older generation. I believe the church is becoming more like the world and that saddens me. But with ferverent prayer and commitment we can change that. We need to get out of our churches. Out of our buildings. Our of our safe houses and do what Christ has called us to do.


  12. We can make it happen by starting small and becoming large for God would surely bring the increase in numbers if are hearts are tuned in to his great spriit! Wonderful message my brother!


  13. Yes yes yes yes….no “what-if” about it!!!!


  14. I’m with Mike. Constructive criticism can be a good thing. If citizens unite maybe Washington will pay attention.

    That said, I believe that nothing is more powerful than prayer.
    blessings ~ maxi


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