A Place Called Home


A hunter returns from the hill

And a sailor returns from the sea.

So, too, a writer returns to the purpose for writing.


It is easy to walk in the woods and lose your sense of direction; though you might think you are walking in a straight line, you could be walking in a circle, eventually returning to where your journey began.

Sometimes, you have to leave home to find it again. Perhaps, that is where life’s journey leads all of us one day…back to a place called home.


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4 thoughts on “A Place Called Home

  1. the theme, the words…the imagined spaces….sometimes that home is not a place but a feeling held close to the heart. Bless you dear friend.


  2. Beautiful, Butch. I love the pic, too…Is that you?

    Blessings to you and Bonnie as you celebrate Easter.


  3. Good thoughts, Butch.


  4. Thank you for sharing, and God bless you, Butch.


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