The Fields of Summer


A cabin, a cup of coffee and a typewriter is a picture I have carried around in the back roads of my mind for several years. I pictured a log cabin in the woods; sitting at a table in a red checkered flannel shirt with a cup of coffee and a typewriter.

Whether I call it a notion, a dream or a desire…it stayed with me; like a small puppy that follows you…keeping a safe distance, but following still. I wanted, many times, to give that puppy a home; to feed it, to spend hours in the fields of summer running and playing with it, but my day to day schedule was booked solid…there was no time…no room for anything else; and the years went by.

I think it is that way with all of us. We start out in life with dreams and hopes and a vision of how it all will be. Then, before you have a chance to go after those dreams and hopes, life takes you down a different path and the farther you travel on that path, the more distant become your dreams and your hopes. The path you find yourself on is a good path; but not the one you envisioned.

Those dreams, those hopes are still there; still following you around like that small puppy, just waiting for your attention; waiting to run and play in the fields of summer with you. Like the small puppy, your dreams and hopes have always been there, patiently waiting for that day when you will finally have the time for them.

“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.”


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8 thoughts on “The Fields of Summer

  1. Recently, I remembered a long-ago dream. I like the sound of yours. Our church’s women’s retreat was held an a wonderful place one year, your description reminds me of it. I would love to go back there someday without all the scheduled activities.


  2. You are so right. Dreams do follow us like that puppy. Now and then wagging its tail to remind us. I love this post.


  3. Awesome message my brother!!! God bless!


  4. Except for the red checkererd shirt, I have had a similar dream…I wonder if most writers (or people who love to write) want to live in a cabin in the woods? 🙂
    I pray that this season of your life is one of dreams coming true and God’s rich blessings of joy, peace and fulfillment in Him.


    • The serenity of a wooded setting is one of quiet communion with nature. 🙂


    • Steven Sawyer

      Yes, they do. At least this one does.
      I’d like to be somewhere in a mountain cabin. Chilly mornings. Sunny afternoons. Except, my typewriter would be my books, my Bibles and my notebooks. No neighbors. No phone. No pool. No pets. No cell. No Internet. No TV. No radio. Just me and God. Yeah, I could do that for six months or so.


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