A Place Called Forever


No one ever told me that it would all end someday. It would have been the most ridiculous thing anyone could have said.  I would have told them that it was impossible for it to end. Well…that’s what I would have said…then. Guess it’s one of those, “you needed to be there” moments to understand what I’m saying. Maybe, you can be there. Take a walk with me to a place in time that I thought would last forever.

I woke up feeling good that morning. It was the first day of summer vacation! Another school year had ended and good old summer time was here. Those “crazy, lazy, hazy days of summer,” as the song goes, were back. No studying, no books, just hanging out with the guys. Feeling hungry, I began to wonder what was for breakfast and headed for the kitchen.

“Morning mom, what smells so good?”

“Good morning,” she said. “How about some pancakes?”

“Sounds good; smells good, too.” As I sat down at the table, I asked if it was okay to turn the radio on.

“That’s fine,” she said with a smile. “Enjoy your first day of summer vacation.”

“That’ll be the Day” by Buddy Holly was playing on the radio; pancakes were on the stove; it was the first day of summer vacation and I had the best mom any guy could ever have.

I’ll be a senior next year. Wow! Seems like only yesterday when I was riding a red tricycle around the house. That was 1944 and I was a pint-size three-year old. Hard to imagine somebody that small growing up to be six foot four. I think it was mom’s good cooking that did it.

“Here’s your breakfast, son. I’m heading for the store. What are your plans for the day?”

“Just hanging out with the guys; maybe shoot some pool.”

“Have fun. I’ll see you at dinner.” As mom left for the store, I started on the pancakes.

“Come let’s stroll, stroll across the floor…” one of my favorites by The Diamonds was playing.  I love being a teenager in the fifties; rock and roll and James Dean and just being “cool.” I’ll give the guys a call as soon as I finish eating; see if they want to hang out.


I wonder what ever happened to that red tricycle. It’s funny how things disappear from your life. That was a long time ago. Wish my dad were here to see his three-year old now. I know he would be proud. I sure miss him. It was 1949, the year we lost him. He had cancer. It seemed like the end for all of us. I wish he could walk into the room right now and kid with me like he always did; I miss him so much. I don’t think I’ll ever be at a loss for tears thinking of him. Love you, dad.

What a way to bum myself out on the first day of summer vacation. All these years have been great; all this growing up time with the wonderful parents God gave me. I know dad is waiting for us in heaven; mom knows it too. Someday, we will all be together again; but this time there won’t be any cancer or dying. It will all be great…just like being a teenage in the fifties. Bet that’s where my red tricycle is; dad has it. It feels good to smile and remember…a place called forever.


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7 thoughts on “A Place Called Forever

  1. I love how hope and nostalgia mix to spring us forward into eternity. Maybe this is what Solomon meant when he said “God has set eternity in the hearts of men.”


  2. Butch-
    Speaking of pool, Minnesota Fats was in town to work a display for a big name billiard co. at a home show, heck this was ‘ancient of days ago.’

    Anyway, I got to talking to his manager, (he took to liking the bravery of a young kid I guess) and yep, I got to shoot a game with Mr. Fats. You can be sure my hands were shaking like a leaf, but I made a few balls, and the crowd went crazy. It was a blur of a memory looking back, but the gentleman that he was, he ‘missed’ some shots to extend the game.

    Nice memory, tkx for helping it re-live.


  3. Very touching, personal recollection.


  4. I love the idea of your red tricycle waiting for you. 🙂


  5. Susan Michaels

    Touching, real, and a big ‘Amen’ to that red tricycle up there in Gloryland! 🙂


  6. Delightful Butch!


  7. This made me think of my dad, who died of cancer 22 years ago. Sadness and smiles mixed together.
    Thanks Butch.


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