From the Mind of a Child


Mary Beth - CopyChildren are simple in thought and sincerely honest at heart. They say what they think and their thinking is refreshingly uncomplicated. Their world’s made up of the simplicity of life and the imagination that dreams are made of. Imaginary friends are their best companions. They give voice to animals. Hand a child anything and they will magically transform it into an object of play.

The empty cardboard box instantly becomes a racing car, a ride to town or a tractor to plow the fields. Imaginary friends are someone to share their innermost thoughts with. You can bet the imaginary friend will hear it before you do.

The imagination of a child can overcome and win out in any situation. Failure is not a concept in their thought process. If they think it, they know they can do it. When obstacles appear to spoil their plan, they just kick their imagination into over-drive and success becomes a reality once again.

When a child says, “I love you,” it’s sincere. It’s unconditional. There are no requirements you have to meet in order for a child to love you. Trust comes with their love. The simplicity of their “heart thoughts” cannot reason it any other way. It’s that simple.

Sitting here with a cup of “Joe” and wondering what happens to the simplicity and sincerity that is our “child” when we become adults. Why and how does “our child” get lost in this thing we call “growing up.” Something to think about, while I get another cup of “Joe.”

Keep the Faith.


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7 thoughts on “From the Mind of a Child

  1. Great thoughts. I wish I could answer the question. Where did my inner child go?


  2. Couldn’t agree more, Butch. When my grand-daughter presses her sweet face up to mine and says “Nana I just love you,” I can say I have never experienced such pure and sincere love. The connection we have is Divine, and she is His gift to me and the world!



  3. I agree…. I think society robs way to many children of their curiosity and honesty. They don’t fit into the “mould” I guess… Great post! 😀


  4. Amen. Happy Fathers Day weekend! Bless you and yours, Shandra


  5. Great perspective, Butch. God bless…


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