Acting like Children


Give one an inch and they will take a mile…don’t pay no mind and they will get out of line. This behavior would easily fit children, but sadly, I am talking about adults.

I can put my Jeep in cruise at the speed limit on any Interstate and be the slowest on the road. Adults take a 5 mile over tolerance and add another 5 or 10 to it.

When no one is looking, adults will get away with what they can. Children learn from the examples adults display with their behavior. Actions speak and teach louder than words. Given an inch, they will take a mile…adults acting like children.

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8 thoughts on “Acting like Children

  1. Wow…I agree! Though, sadly I’m often the one going 5 mph over, especially on the interstate.


  2. Great message!


  3. Great post! When I began my teaching career years ago…A wise teacher’s favorite line to all of us rookies…”Don’t be a baby!!” Taught us to grow up and act like mature adults!!


  4. We were at Colonial Williamsburg on Saturday and the fathers were the worst! Much whinier than the kids were and giving their wives grief to no end. My husband and I were really surprised – we’ve not seen that behavior before and it sure wasn’t good for anyone. It’s certainly not a very good example for the kids.



  5. Not much has changed since the beginning…we ARE His Children…blessings Brother


  6. There are many of us out here that couldn’t agree more.
    blessings ~ maxi


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