If We Were


If we were a Godly nation, would the “N” word come up in the news…would it even be spoken in the first place, along with other ethnic “slang” words?

If we were a Godly nation, would decisions made by our elected leaders be contrary to God’s word and wouldn’t the desires of the people be for God, not against Him?

If we were a Godly nation, would His name and that of His Son be taken in vain as part of the practice of cursing and using various versions of the “F” word?

If we were a Godly nation, wouldn’t prayer in schools be a common practice without question and would there be any deliberate threats to the unborn child?

If we were…If we were…If only we were.

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13 thoughts on “If We Were

  1. I keep praying for our hearts, as a nation, to hear God and obey!


  2. Planting Potatoes

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    some “head scratchers” I would like to share with you today!


  3. Planting Potatoes

    very good questions indeed…I call those thoughts…head scratchers!


  4. Steven Sawyer

    The answers to your questions:
    and No.
    What a disobedient time we’re living in.


    • So very true! We need to pray as never before, to ask forgiveness, and pray for eyes to be opened and hearts/souls converted.


  5. If only we were…


  6. I am ever thankful for the international “nation of God,” who will one day be united in glory under our righteous King!


  7. We can be a godly nation, but each one if us has to live a godly life in our daily lives and not be afraid to stand firm in our beliefs, even if it means being teased or even put in jail. God can deliver us but we must be obedient. He could have brought the walls of Jericho down with the Israelites walking around it, but He wanted to test their obedience. To be obedient shows others our faith in Christ and as we obey, He shows His power.


    • Amen! Jayne, it is so important for all of us to stand firm for Jesus’ Truth, and ask for the Holy Spirit to enlighten us to our own weakness and sin, so we can repent.


  8. Amen!


  9. If only we were a Godly nation …


  10. prayer in faith is the way. don’t give up!


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