The “Good Old Days”

The older you get, the more the world changes from those times when life seemed simpler and troubles appeared few. For each of us, there are the” good old days.”

Remember them…walk in them each chance you get…in those back roads of your mind. They were the best of days…the fondest of days…they were the “Good Old Days.”

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4 thoughts on “The “Good Old Days”

  1. The “good stuff!” Good to remember! ~ Sheila


  2. You need not respond to these in any way. You brought this series to mind. I share with you only a segment of the 5 parts so as not to take up too much of your time. All 5 is due out as a magz article this winter.



  3. You can visit and reminisce about the “good ol days”, but you cannot live there because He is doing a new thing and we need you to be a part of it! Tell us the stories of those days, but then get behind what God is doing in the youth of today. They need someone’s shoulders to stand on.


  4. The shame is, we focus on our problems of today and in 20 years look back and realize things weren’t as bad as we thought. That right now are the good ol’ days.


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