To Listen


How good are you at listening? Do you really hear someone when they speak? Not so much the words, but what they are saying. Do you give advice before they ask for it? Do you tell them a “better one” than what they told you? Do you listen…really listen? Are you able to keep the focus on them…or does it stay on self?

Questions we should all ask of ourselves. Listening to someone is a skill few acquire. Nurses are supposed to excel at listening, but oh so often, they don’t. Listening…a good skill to study on…a good skill to practice.


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10 thoughts on “To Listen

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  2. As you practice it and find yourself straying you learn to readjust – that goes with your previous post! Bless you Butch!


  3. I’ve learned far more from listening than I ever did by talking 🙂 MJ


  4. I could be a better listener, too.


  5. jaynepevans

    God had a reason for giving us 1 mouth and 2 ears!


  6. Not often enough. I would like to listen better. Blessings to you, Butch…


  7. Most people are just thinking about what to add to the conversation. I want to be a better listener. I want to really hear what people are saying to me. Sandy


  8. Ssssh 🙂


  9. Excellent questions. Thank you for the gentle reminder.


  10. For me, I have learned that one of the greatest things I can do to become a better listener … is simply to shut up and be quiet … if I’m not so anxious to interject into the conversation I find that I hear more. Thanks for the good reminder Butch!


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