Earliest Memories


Glimpses of moments when I was very young have stayed with me to this day. It was the early forties and the country was at war. At the time, I was not aware of anything outside of my small world. The first house I remember was small and white. The four of us fit in okay: mom and dad, of course and my sister who was three years younger.

One incidence during that time sticks out clearly, as if it happened only yesterday. I remember my mom had recently bought a decorative tin wastebasket from Murphy’s five and dime store. Mom and dad did not have much money, so anything bought, like a tin wastebasket, would instantly become a hard-earned treasure.

Mom had put the wastebasket in the bathroom. I do not remember why, but this little preschooler got upset with his mom and had himself a temper tantrum. I went into the bathroom and kicked the new decorative tin wastebasket until it was all dented up.

To this day, I still see my mom holding the tin wastebasket and crying; a picture I wish did not exist and one that I will never forget. Sadly, it would not be the last time I would cause my mom to cry.


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2 thoughts on “Earliest Memories

  1. Oh, I think we can all conjure up a memory that we’re ashamed of. For me, it was asking my Mother to drop me off a block away from friends, so mortified was I to have her driving me around. I still shudder thinking about what a little creep I was that day!!


  2. My heart hurts with this type of memory. But as a child, how were you supposed to know the value of things; even a waste basket.


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