The Kid in Me

I went to the store today to pick up a few groceries. My list was small, maybe 10 items. Everything was going as planned.

I was making good progress, until…the “kid in me” started grabbing things that were not on the list. Do you know how embarrassing it was to argue with the “kid in me” in several aisles?

My list was growing and by the time I got ready to check out, well…let’s just say things had got a little out of control. My budget, my diet, my will power; all trashed by one “need to grow up kid in me.”

Next time I go to the grocery store, the “kid in me” is not going…well; I hope he doesn’t show up. Here’s hoping the “kid in you” is better behaved.

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8 thoughts on “The Kid in Me

  1. I could so relate!


  2. Butch, I hope you and Bonnie have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. I’m praying right now for the two of you to be incredibly blessed. I love you both very much, always. In Christ, Adrienne


  3. The older I get, the more often that kid shows up 🙂 Love the new chalkboard format, Butch!


  4. Steven Sawyer

    Love the little kid school room layout, my friend. Very cool. I dig it, man. Like its the bomb!


  5. Love it. Maybe keep the kid in you under control in the grocery store, but please always be a kid at heart. Keeps you young.


  6. Hey, now and then, it’s good to let your inner child out! A little indulgence can go a long way 🙂 ~ Sheila


  7. I think you are related to my husband!


  8. The kid in my hubby shows up in the grocery store, too. He is making progress, though. Happy Thanksgiving!


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