Is It Truth or Fiction

A writer can take you from fiction to truth in a few words. Stories based on fact can weave in and out from make believe to reality. Fact taken as fiction and fiction as fact, as black and white becomes shades of gray.

The crafting of thoughts is the skill of a wordsmith as a pallet of white begins to shape a story painted by words. Images of time and places begin to take shape. Characters take on life and personality. Words breathe life into another story, another tale from the imagination of a writer.

You read and you wonder, “Is it true what he writes and is it about him? Is it a story from the possibilities of life or the human condition or a story based on the truth with artistic license to create what could be?”

Smoke and mirrors, perhaps, with truth appearing as illusion and fiction as reality, a mystery of words known only to the wordsmith. Is it better to know the answers or just to read, to smile and let it be?

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4 thoughts on “Is It Truth or Fiction

  1. My daddy used to tell me the most wonderful stories about the mischief his dog, ol’ Bill, would get into. It took me a long time to realize that it was probably my dad and not the dog doing all the mischief. (Like filling balloons with water and food coloring and throwing them at the dog catcher. Lol) Love those stories! Wish now I had recorded them and turned them into children’s books.


  2. I loved the movie “Amadeus.” It motivated me to find books on the life of Mozart to separate fact from fiction. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the time or energy to do that. But if it weren’t for the film, which was part fiction part-fact, I would be in the dark about the life of Mozart.


  3. As a professor of language and literature, I like this. I’m with Ann…just read. I’ll add be sure to read, know thyself and don’t get lost.


  4. Ah, just read and let it be to your own imagination. 🙂


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