Can You…

Can you listen to what someone shares without trumping it? Can you listen to another’s perception without debate? Can you listen to what someone says even if you don’t agree with? Can you accept someone’s reality and meet them where they are?

Can you forgive someone who spits on you, calls you names, ridicules you, laughs at you, causes you physical pain?

Jesus did.


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6 thoughts on “Can You…

  1. This is a timely post, my friend. It seems most of us have lost the will to forgive. We no longer love and respect others whose views are different from ours. What if Jesus was like many of us. Then, He would not die to save us


  2. This is wonderful… As I read each phrase, I was asking myself if I could do those things. I was doing pretty well until the very end. I’m still struggling with that one. I do pray that Jesus will help me to let go of my problem and take it for me… So far, some days are good, some I backslide and try to control things again… Great post though! Thanks for the reminder! 😀


  3. amazing1987

    I’ve had to do this several times in my short 26 years, and I’m sure there wil will be several times more. It is difficult though, but that’s how we grow.


  4. He invites us to come and He will show us how


  5. I know that saying “WWJD” is a bit overused and commercialized but if all just followed His teachings in our day-to-day dealings, just imagine what life could be like?



  6. Whoa…this is convicting. Thank you.


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