Chalk Board Memories

Those of you, who read “Wordsmith Desk” on a regular basis, know that I have a new theme. The previous theme, “Chalkboard” was neat, but the format was a bit tight and words and sentences were breaking where they shouldn’t. That bothered this former printer/graphic designer and the writer within wasn’t too happy, either. I can’t even begin to express how it messed with my “Type A”.

So, the new theme is “2014”. Timely, considering we are almost there. I remember back in those “chalkboard days” how 2014 sounded very “Flash Gordon.” I couldn’t even imagine such a year. It was the 40’s and that was comfortable…the way a year should be. I sure didn’t want to think about any 2014.

To my disappointment or maybe, my surprise, here I am…just around the corner from 2014. You have no idea how old that makes me feel.  The “good old days” are behind me now. Someday, someone will call “2014” the good old days…I don’t see how, but they will.

Who knows, they may even talk about those ancient “chalkboard days.” They’ll shake their heads and wonder how we ever managed.  I will feel sad for them, for they will have no idea what they missed.

“To everything there is a season…”

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7 thoughts on “Chalk Board Memories

  1. I loved the sound of the short staccato of the chalk onto the board and the anticipation of what the assignment was going to be…and the tickle of the chalk dust up my nose just before it made me sneeze, clapping the erasers outside the class on the sidewalk…


  2. Chalkboards are being replaced by white boards which are being replaced by smart boards. When I sub in a classroom with a smart board, the students, even first graders, have to show me how to use it. Lol
    Who remembers the sound of fingernails down the chalkboard? I love go make that sound!


  3. I hadn’t gotten used to the chalkboard yet! Oh, well . . .give me water scenes anytime. Anyway, it’s the text I’m looking for. Keep it coming, Butch. 🙂


  4. 🙂


  5. I like it. You are so brave and progressive to embrace change on the blog. Me? I’m afraid it would raise havoc with the body of work already there.
    I liked your chalkboard theme, and this is nice, too. As a teacher, I miss chalkboards…but I don’t miss students opting out of board work due to chalk “allergies.” Sheesh! I’m allergic to cats and Christmas trees, but that doesn’t keep me from having both. These new whiteboards are neat tho’ with colored markers that grab a student’s attention. I’m a little chatty this morning on my first day of Christmas break. 🙂


  6. Your words are a light in dark places. It helps also that you have snow on your blog! LOL!


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