Winter’s Lament

Leaves blown by the chilling northern wind

rustle along the brown grass of winter.

The sky is grey with despair.

The isolating feeling of winter is here.


Gone are the lazy summer days

when a gentle warm breeze

would bring a smile to being alive.

Gone are the star filled nights

when crickets were in full concert.


Now, there is bleakness everywhere.

Soon, the snow-filled clouds

will spread a cold layer of white

to hide any trace of a better season.


Copyright © 2012 LeRoy Dean All Rights Reserved

Categories: Christian, Creative Writing, family, friends, hometown, Life, memories, Poetry, Reflections, thoughts | 5 Comments

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5 thoughts on “Winter’s Lament

  1. Each season has its own beauty and each season has its way to glorify God. For winter, snow reminds is of how cleansed we are from our sin.


  2. Great poem, but I just can relate to it at the moment. Tomorrow is going to be 42C/107F. 🙂


  3. Beautiful!! And what a time to celebrate Jesus’ birth…LIFE stepping into death, LIGHT breaking through the dark. Hallelujah! Blessings of peace and joy to you and Bonnie in this Christmas season, Butch. Thank you for the light you bring here on your blog 🙂

    In Christ,


  4. Butch
    ‘Sky grey with despair,’ nice.

    The ‘star filled nights’ being rare, last week @ 5am I was in the country preparing for a hunt, and I looked up, and clear as a bell, as far as eye could see, in the cold still air, were jillions of stars.

    What struck me as odd, was the fellows with me never looked up.’Look up,’ for your redemption draweth nigh…


  5. love this


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