Those Ancient Days of Long Ago

IMG_0014In those ancient days of long ago, growing up was simpler for a kid. There was no TV or cell phones or computers. Outdoor games came from the imagination.

On any given day, kids were playing…

Red Rover

Mother May I

Red Light-Green Light

Kick the Can

Hide and Seek

Hop Scotch

Jump Rope

Kids played together for hours and the play provided endless physical activity. After a full days play, kids slept good at night. The parents, also, slept good because the games their children played took no money from the pocket-book and the kids were happy.

A simpler day in a simpler time…those ancient days of long ago.

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6 thoughts on “Those Ancient Days of Long Ago

  1. some of my most favorite memories are times as you described — outside — sledding, skating, running, freeze-tag, climbing, adventuring, dreaming … DOING! 🙂



  2. It brought back many happy memories…kick ball was one of my favorites playing till the street lights came one. Those were the days that if we misbehaved our parents always found out – the neighbors looked after each others children. Sad how it is not the same anymore. I remember telling my son to go out and play but there was no one to play with…this was when Ninetendo first came out and he was the last on the block to get one…they were all inside playing video games. Soon though our son found basketball and thankfully he was active in that and enjoyed it too. Today he is still pretty active and is not so addicted to the computer like his friends or his mother for that fact!! 🙂


  3. And amazingly … no knock-out-games, drug use, vandalism, fight clubs, shooting strangers jogging down the street, or drunken hazing of elderly on your list. Yet for many young people today, it’s hard for them to believe that life could have been fun back in the “old days”.


  4. jaynepevans

    My grown kids still like to have friends come over for a bon fire and a game of capture the flag. They like to play hide and seek in the dark! That is fun!


  5. What great memories are stirred within this morning! I remember not only playing all day but even after dark chasing lighting bugs, there were thousands of them. Where did they all go ???


  6. We all had so much fun. I remember being outside with my friends all day, just coming in for lunch and dinner. We played hard and got dirty. Also used our imagination big time. We were allowed to “be kids”. I feel sorry for the kids today who start “school” at 2 or 3, and are not really able to enjoy free play. They have their whole lives for formal education and then the job world….why take away the only innocent “free” time of childhood. I just don’t get it.

    Thanks for the memories:-)


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