As He Said

Headlines today are stirring up a lot of controversy…a lot of feelings…a lot of bickering…and way too much judgment.

God’s word (the Bible) is clear to those who seek the Truth. Others use His word for ammunition…wrongly divided…out of context.

God gave each of us a free will…we can choose right or wrong…God or Satan. It is by our choices that we are justified or condemned.

God loves the sinner…He hates sin. He commands us not to judge, but to love…to love everyone. It is for God to sort it out, not us.

You will never convince anyone of anything by beating them over the head with a Bible. Try prayer and love…as He said.

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4 thoughts on “As He Said

  1. well said – He didn’t come to condemn the world but to save it. Yes, there is judgement, wisdom and more but I too want to be remembered for loving well. Bless you Butch!


  2. jaynepevans

    When reading all the comments about how God doesn’t exist and how Christians aren’t supposed to “judge” others, it can make me really angry. Yet, it reminds me of how God must really feel and the grace and mercy He is shows to all. Which is exactly what this Christmas season is all about, His grace and mercy and love shown to us through the sending of His Son as a baby, who grew up to die a horrible death for us on the cross, all because he loves us and wants to have a relationship with Him. Let us not get angry with those who choose not to believe, but love them and pray for them to come to know Jesus personally.


  3. It’s one thing to judge behavior; it’s something else to judge a person.


  4. Truth, even in love, sometimes hurts.


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