An Open Mind

What would it be like

If instead of voicing our opinion,

We chose to listen

To another’s point of view?


If what we believe,

We just cannot agree.

Does that make one wrong?

And the other one right?


The truth we both claim,

We just cannot see,

From a different point of view,

Perhaps, it is the same.


Must everything we read,

Relate to what we believe.

How dull our thoughts become,

If, in all the choices, we only chose one.


Copyright © 2012 LeRoy Dean All Rights Reserved

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7 thoughts on “An Open Mind

  1. Listening is a lost art. Too often the only person we want to listen to is ourself.


  2. Yes, listening is so important especially in relationships.


  3. optimisticgladness

    Really like this. I was at the airport one day with my family and saw a man and his little girl waiting at the gait. We were in Florida. I complimented the man on his daughter and asked him what he thought of Jeb Bush, the governor of Florida at the time. Then I listened. My husband, through gritted teeth said, “What are you doing?” I listened to the man rant. Then said, “Ok. I was just wondering how you felt. Have a good trip.” I didn’t want to argue with the man. I just wanted to hear his opinion. My husband hates when I do stuff like that. Like you posted, it is important for us to listen to others, even if they have differing opinions. We can still get along artfully despite our differences. Thanks Butch.


  4. If my brother is reading a book and I’m facing him, all I see is the book’s cover. But if I get up and stand by his side, I can read with him and understand.


  5. Words of wisdom, Butch.
    blessings ~ maxi


  6. Yes, listening is so important. I love this.


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