When you get in your car, you expect it to start. When you flip a switch, you expect a response. When you drive to work, you expect it to be there. Expecting is knowing without seeing.

Faith is expecting without knowing. Faith is expecting beyond sight, reason and sometimes, hopes. Faith is expecting the mountain to move. Faith is knowing without seeing…the substance of things hoped for, the evidence not seen.

Ref: Hebrews 11th chapter


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6 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Oh…. Absolutely perfect! ❤ this!!!


  2. From my devotion this morning borrowed from Journey Magazine.

    “When faith can look death in the face and say that God is good, it is true faith. It was not contingent on miracles and blessings, and it was not uprooted by trials. When Satan’s savagery intimidates and wounds, the truly faithful heart can say that God is faithful. It does not let superficial evidence impugn the steadfast character of God.
    This does not mean, however, that faith cannot ask questions. We cannot ask accusing questions, but we can ask God to show us His ways and to show up in our trials and use them to reveal Himself in a deeper way. ”
    Reference Job 13


  3. Hope is praying for rain, Faith is carrying an umbrella :O)

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  4. John Accolade

    As an atheist I would add to this discussion by suggesting that there is ample evidence and many past examples when those things happen, but that those evidence and examples do not exist for God, creating complications in your metaphor.


    • hi john-
      I do not think the writer will mind if I add two cents worth.

      ‘evidence and examples do not exist for God,’ Of course they do not, but they CAN provide context for the writer here, as pointed out by the referring to Hebrews ch. 11.

      Read it, and you my get an idea of what people here are thinking and saying.


  5. a very refreshing view too – faith that all this white will pass to reveal those rich colors again.


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