On This Fresh New Morning

I find myself reflecting more each year as I look over my shoulder at the footprints left behind during my journey through this life. The path ahead is shorter than the one I leave behind and the end of the journey is closer than the beginning. On this fresh new morning, it is my hope to make a difference with the time I have left.

~ coffee tastes good this morning ~

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7 thoughts on “On This Fresh New Morning

  1. don’t hold God back though – He might take that shorter road and make it an incredible journey – and of course, either way, the journey goes great with coffee!


  2. I love my morning coffee and my time with God. No better way to start the day and the week.


  3. Hello sir ,thank you so much for reading my posts .i am very grateful .’big smile’


  4. absolutely, true. I love it for a Monday morning. For me, it’s looking to the previous week at the footsteps and impact I made that gives me the courage to look forward to another week – got to work to do, to impact more lives. Thanks for this inspiration!


  5. This is a great perspective to think on and live out beginning this morning. Thank you Lord for bringing morning dew in this word today. God bless you my friend!



  6. hello sir ,this is beautiful .could you please take a look at this ? please http://exquisitetreasures.wordpress.com/2014/02/21/colours-of-death/


  7. Steven Sawyer

    I absolutely love your ability to fit so much of your heart and profound wisdom into so few words. Hey, you know, this coffee DOES taste pretty good on this fresh new morning here at our kitchen table. God bless you my friend.


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