Without the Experience

When I hear the conversations about how rough this winter has been, I think, we’ve seen worse. Then, I have to pause and remember that so many of those in the conversations were not here for those winters I remember.

Each one experiences events and moments for themselves. The validation comes in the experience. That explains why an older generation can’t convey their thoughts to a younger generation if those thoughts involve experience.

No matter how much one hears about a depression or a world war, the impact doesn’t register without the experience. No matter how much one hears about suffering, hunger and death, the reality remains abstract unless you were there to experience it.

For each one of us, our realities can only be shared; not in the hope for understanding, but for appreciation. We all live in this life on the same planet, but in our experiences, we are unique, one from the other. The best we can do without walking in another’s shoes is to appreciate their experience.


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6 thoughts on “Without the Experience

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  2. Beautifully said!


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  4. We should all be quick to listen to what others have to share. It is good to file such stories in the back of our minds, just in case we experience something similar.


  5. A good story teller can share the experience with description, but the receiver needs to be willing to receive. There are many things that I appreciate about the past of other people, but love when kindred spirits rise out of commonalities.


  6. Beautiful post. From appreciation stems respect…


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