More Than We Care to Know

Electronic gadgets have mesmerized the world and changed communication as we knew it. Now, the ways to communicate are varied and faster. Gone is the anticipation of a letter arriving…lacking is the human voice…the personal touch.

Heads are bowed as in reference most of the time, as the small “Smart” gadget keeps our focus. All of a sudden, to be without this connection is like being cut off from an oxygen supply. What we have lived without up to now has become a self-induced lifeline. I look for support groups anytime now to help us break the addiction.

New laws have to be enacted to try and protect us from ourselves. Like children, some think that they can text and drive…only finding out the car doesn’t drive itself. A whole new criminal intent has arisen and privacy, as we knew it, is gone.

Electronic gadgets are here to stay. What price will be ours for allowing gadgets to control us…what negative impact will they have on our lives…perhaps, more than we can imagine…more than we care to know.

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4 thoughts on “More Than We Care to Know

  1. I agree. I love texting in the morning as to send a Have a great day because I know it’s busy for others getting ready for work. But when someone is broken, sick or lose a love one. I like to make direct contact. More times I will call in general to friends or family and there will be no answer.

    However, after leaving a message . I receive a text of them being busy . I love cards and letters and sending surprises too. But even then I would receive a thank you by text. I agree we all should interact in touch. Something more tangible because when the person is deceased we seem to want to do just that.

    I always walk away learning a lesson or finding my own shortcomings. I hope God keeps you around for a while longer so I can grow a little bit more. You inspire me to grow and Christ inspires me to love. Lord, knows I need both!


  2. Sometimes I wish that people would put down their stupid phones and look into the actual eyes of those of us who are hurting and just offer a smile. Unfortunately, most are too caught up in their phones….


  3. I feel this struggle myself! I try to be courteous and never want to be the obnoxious person on the phone while checking out! We don’t answer calls while we have dinner, and I silence my phone at church or other public events. But there’s no doubt that I fall into the trap of smart phone seduction more often than I should. It is a two-edged sword! I hope we find the right balance and respect for each other as we move further along in the electronic age. ~ Sheila


  4. Great post. I refuse to own a smart phone. Instead have an old box phone which just about makes calls. That’s all I need it for! As for the letter writing, since I was twelve I’ve had a Finnish penpal and to this day (I’m 33) we still write and I still enjoy the flutter of the letterbox! As for the laws, totally agree. It really annoys me to have to push someone else’s food cart out of my way in a food isle, because they are busy talking on their phone or texting.. someday all such smartness will only be allowed in the confines of ones private dwelling and business place. I really do believe the next generation will look upon us and question our rudeness, for they will know how to use such gadgets wisely.


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