Profit above People

Have you ever thought that a cure for cancer would be withheld because it would interfere with pharmaceutical profits? Maybe that thought is far-fetched…or is it?

Pharmaceutical companies make huge profits with all the medicines they advertise. Have you noticed how much advertising there is now related to one drug or another? Poly-pharmacy is alive and growing in this country. It is the true drug war that we are losing. One always wants to believe the best, but maybe it is the worst we should be aware of. Profit above People seems to be more than just a phrase.

Then there’s GM. Ten years and nothing. Families have buried loved ones. Now, finally, recalls and more recalls. Now, they are sorry. Why? Maybe, sorry they got caught? Like little kids…fessing up after the fact…caught, now trying to look concerned. No matter what they say, you just can’t help thinking, “Profit above People.”

There are many more to mention, both on the corporate and individual levels. The Good Book tells us that the love of money is the root of all evil. 1 Timothy 6:10. Enough said.


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6 thoughts on “Profit above People

  1. I feel that the food and drug administration and our medical industry is set up to keep us sick. I’ve many friends who are doctors and they admit they are not trained to find the problem, they are trained to write prescriptions and order a bunch of test.

    I suffering dialy migraines, loosing mass amounts of weight, my hair was falling out and my nails were falling off, I couldn’t lay down because my skull felt like a foot does when it falls asleep, my eyes and naval cavity were dry, my skin started to suffer with psarisis, I suffered painful intestinal distress, the list is endless really and I spent thousand seeing several different doctors who all wrote me prescriptions for pain pills but never told me what what was wrong.

    Then one day out of the blue I met a women an herbalist who suggested that I get a blood test for food allergies and so I did. Turns out it was food allergies. I gave up everything that had an additive in it and stuck with fresh organic fruits and vegetables and lean meats and in the first 24 hours I felt 100% better. I still eat this way today (it’s been 2 years), never eating anthing that contains a grain or dairy because that is where these food manufactures are adding all these GMOs and glutens that are killing us.

    All of my symptoms came from the food I was eating and I thought I was eating healthy then with wheat breads and 2% milk and lean meats then but we are deceived by the food and drug administration and not one doctor offered a blood test and when I asked for one I was refused by several so I had to actually find a doctor that would do a blood test for food allergies (this is diffferent than a skin test for allergies). They doctors do not believe in doing this test.

    It seems if our bodies are failing we would check what we are feeding our bodies first and the environment we have it in.

    Anyway, I am ranting but I hope this one post helps someone that reads it. I am 100% better now and I have my life back but I’d still be suffereing if I hadn’t had searched out a doctor that would give me a blood test. Most time only D.O. doctors will do this and they are very hard to find.


  2. So sad that there is not only profit over people, but also profit over souls. For some in the ministry, money is more important than the souls that so desperately needs to hear the good news.


  3. Well said Butch … well said!


  4. No political or economic system is perfect or inherently good. There are those systems which are more beneficial to those within them. It’s a reminder to God’s people that this world is not our home; we are looking for a city built above by a perfect Sovereign.


  5. I have done some research on this very topic. SO much bad has come from this.
    ~Like you said Profit over people; it is very much true.
    ~Lots of new anti-biotic resistant bacteria from over prescribing anti-biotics.
    ~Food is not knowledge as medicine by the health care industry, but that is one of the roots of the problems – people are eating “poison” (processed junk that looks like food – tons of sugar, flour and oil) Doctors prescribe medicine, when the root of the problem in some cases is what we are eating.


  6. Oh yes! My thoughts exactly Butch.
    And have you noticed that with every drug advertisement how many “potential” side affects they mention! And how many people you know who started with one drug, then a side affect caused them to have to take another drug, and then another etc. I am not saying all medicines are bad and in some cases a medicine is needed even for a short time. The issues are we have become a society of wanting the easy way out, we want to eat all that stuff that “tastes” good to us without consideration for the junk that is put in to all that processed food. And we want the easy lifestyle without exercising our bodies to keep us healthier.

    Corporate greed is in reality personal/individual greed because the executives want their big salaries, bonuses, and other outlandish perks. They do not care about the rest of humanity.


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