Morning Light

The smell of vanilla coffee fills the air as the morning light begins to push the darkness back. Nights have never been my friend and last night was no different. Dreams that produce a night of tossing and turning are a constant companion lately.

The morning light is a welcome friend. The gift of another day is before me. My thought is to not waste the time given to me; to make this a good day and to live in line with the Good Book. I will do the best I can with His word to guide me.

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6 thoughts on “Morning Light

  1. I could almost smell that coffee. Have a blessed day!


  2. Ah, I love the early morning. It’s my time to balance, focus, gather myself. Sounds like you enjoy that time too! ~ Sheila


  3. Good reminder~ I always get distracted trying to figure out where some of my dreams have come from!



  4. Sorry you are having trouble sleeping and having troubled dreams Butch. Please God free Butch of the troubled dreams and bless him with peaceful nights of sleep. Amen


  5. So long as we can breathe, we can live. How we live, is our choice.


  6. some of my thoughts were along the same line today –


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