Did Ya Ever Wonder

Futile discussions to convince one another of what each one believes…lines are drawn…walls are manned…defenses are on high alert. Beliefs right or wrong, are defended to the death. A lie can become truth because we choose to believe it. Pride and ego are the arch enemies of everyone. We, often, are “done in” by ourselves.

We choose to operate in the ego rather than in the spirit. Did ya ever wonder what could happen if we put ego aside and allowed the Holy Spirit to lead. Did ya ever wonder?

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3 thoughts on “Did Ya Ever Wonder

  1. Steven Sawyer

    Yes, Butch, I wonder this a lot.


  2. It would be wonderful if more people had this attitude. Too bad that most spend their energies defending their belief instead of reaching out in love. ~ Sheila


  3. I don’t think mine is ego as much as it is control… I think I need to do certain tasks as a responsibility, and the list only grows as I check off each item. I’m trying to live in the moment of each day and remind myself that I don’t need to try to control things to get them done. He goes before me and with me. There is nothing we can’t handle together that is thrown my way. I only have to totally Trust instead of becoming afraid and allowing the control to se back in. God has a reason for everything that happens. (May not be everyone’s philosophy, but it works for me) 😀


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