When There Are No Words

Did you know that words are just one way to communicate our thoughts and feelings? Often, these words that we use so many of fall short of what the heart wants to say.

Challenge yourself to express to someone how you feel without using words. Think about a silent form of communication that is so under used to express feelings.

How would you express a sense of caring to someone who cannot understand, for whatever reason, the words you would use. What does your impulses tell you?

A look, a touch, a hug; each has its place when there are no words. There are moments in life when words are not enough; when words do not measure up.

Words are easy to say and at times, lack sincerity. Ever hear the saying, “Actions speak louder than words?” When the two do not agree, consider the actions over the words.

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4 thoughts on “When There Are No Words

  1. Jane Thorne

    ❤ Butch


  2. Oh, this just made me cry. My dad and I used to have a silent signal to tell each other we loved each other from across the room when I was performing in concerts ~ it is such a sweet memory. I have started that with my own kids….it is very special. Thank you for your heart and sharing it with us.


  3. Nonverbal messages are loud if you are mindful to listen to them.
    Great post!!


  4. A hug speaks eloquently when words fail. Since my dad passed away I’ve begun hugging my mom at every opportunity. She needs to ‘feel’ our love 😀


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