Comments on Purgatory

Monday’s post, “A Place Called Purgatory” received some interesting and thoughtful posts. Beliefs and thoughts were varied and presented with conviction.

Sometimes, asking a question is better than making a statement. Listening to another’s thoughts without rebuttal is not an easy task. It requires an open mind without judgment.

Can you firmly believe something, yet openly listen to another’s thoughts? Can you respect what they believe without prejudice?

Here’s a thought. All too often, armed with the truth as they see it, so many are ready to trample the thoughts of others and replace them with what they believe. This assult not only doesn’t work, but it pushes people away.

The truths of God’s word are not something decided by the intellect, but rather revealed to us by His Holy Spirit. Even the faith to believe is given to us. It sure rules out any bragging on our part. Perhaps, we should let God reveal the truth to one’s heart, rather than try to convince the intellect.

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2 thoughts on “Comments on Purgatory

  1. Agreed! There is truth in your words. Jesus is our example, and we should follow His lead.

    Just think, for example, how long it took Peter to come around to Jesus’ teachings. Add, yet, Jesus never bashed him. Peter later became one of the greatest advocates of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are still talking about him after more that 2,000 years.


  2. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways,”
    declares the Lord.” Isaiah 55: 8-9

    And that’s good.

    I agree that as humans, it’s the journey, the discussion, the process of sharing that’s important. But, for answers, there’s only one.


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