A Child and a Father

The relationship of a child and Father, that should be your relationship with God…personal, open, honest, trusting. Hold that picture in your mind.

Talk to your Father each day; spend time with Him; let Him know how you feel; be open, be honest with Him. Hold this picture in your mind each day…a child and a Father.

For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:26

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6 thoughts on “A Child and a Father

  1. Abba, daddy! Love the post.


  2. Jesus confounded the religious establishment and even astounded his followers when he taught us to pray with the word “Abba” which is similar to the way in which we would use the word “Daddy.” The idea of that tender a relationship between God and each person was completely new at that time, and still can be hard for us to understand today. I am very grateful for it, though.



  3. I sometimes muddle up my relationship with God by forgetting this foundational truth: I am His child. First and foremost He has made me His child by Jesus Christ. I’ve been adopted by God’s will and been made accepted in the beloved.
    That simple truth has the power to give me clarity in the midst of complexity and draw me back into my Father’s arms.
    Beautiful Butch.


  4. It’s been my experience with my brother’s children that they aren’t always open and honest with their dad (or other adults), especially if they think they’ll get in trouble. However, since our sins are forgiven by the blood of Christ and already known by our omniscient Father, we definitely should be open and honest with Him, for our own spiritual and emotional well-being. He loves us regardless of what we do or feel, and He’s not going to punish us for being sad or angry or hurt or disappointed. In fact, it’s in telling Him how we feel and what we’ve done that we find healing.


  5. What a loving Father we have. He knows us better than we know ourselves.


  6. Amen! We have an amazing Father in heaven!


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