An Open Mind

What would it be like
If instead of voicing our opinion,
We chose to listen
To another point of view?

If what we believe,
We just cannot agree.
Does that make one wrong?
And the other one right?

The truth we both claim,
We just cannot see,
From a different point of view,
Perhaps, it is the same.

Must everything we read,
Relate to what we believe.
How dull our thoughts become,
If, in all the choices, we only chose one.


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4 thoughts on “An Open Mind

  1. . . All hurt comes from Egoism.
    . . All grace comes from Altruism.

    . . Live for other person, not for you.
    . . I fill you and You fill me.
    . . Who can understand the mystery of Heaven?

    . . Mufillyou 792


  2. Sometimes we say the same thing but in different ways. What needless strife! When we see disagreement, it is best to listen and then ask questions.


  3. A great example of writing, ‘not to convince, but rather to encourage the thoughts of the heart.’ Thanks for sharing, Butch.


  4. Steven Sawyer

    How true! How true! Thanks, Butch.


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