It Depends on the Yardstick

Food on the table, roof over my head, clothes on my back;

I’m doing pretty good, at that.


Doesn’t seem so good by today’s standards…

but then it depends on the yardstick your measuring by…

the yardstick of “wants” or the yardstick of “needs.”

True contentment comes by only one.

Matthew 6:25-33
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3 thoughts on “It Depends on the Yardstick

  1. I begin to whine about all the wants I don’t have then have to stop and think about all those who don’t even have what they need. We are truly blessed and too often take it for granted.


  2. We have a saying here “it’s better to have all you want than want what you have!”. As for living by todays standards, that’s not really living is it??! I mean, to do that then one must spend time comparing their home and possessions with others… where’s the time to live?!


  3. Thanks for sharing, Butch. We talked about this very issue in Sunday School two days ago.


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